Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Desert Friendly

I've had this Blog for almost a year now, but have failed to post anything. Partly because I was waiting until I owned a decent camera to post pictures with and another reason was because I also didn't want to post anything until I had a decent layout I liked. I'm still unhappy with my layout, but I figured it was time to post my first blog. :]

I originally posted the first picture 5 weeks ago on my instagram (@thatdarnJEN), announcing that I was going to start blogging. Got a few (meaning barely any, but it's better then nothing. l0l.) sweet feedbacks so I figured I would share more photos with the outfit I was wearing. I just got a new camera so my boyfriend & I wanted to test it out, hoping I would get a few shots of my outfit that I could post. Ended up being more of a landscape/background photo then actually focusing on my outfit (minus the second photo). Total fail. I even forgot to take pictures of my accessories. :/ I know its not the cutest outfit but let me know what you think! 

Outfit details:
-Jean Jacket- Forever21
-Tank Top- Forever 21
-Skirt with Belt- Target
-Army Boots- Target

Accessories Details:
-Sunglasses- Forever 21
-Shark Bone Necklace- H&M
-True Love Bracelet- BCBGeneration

BONUS PHOTOS! -Had to test out my camera on my boyfriend too. <3